That's working! Laundry Hacks

THAT'S WORKING! LAUNDRY HACKS – As seen on 3TV / Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday October 14, 2019 (8:45 a.m.)

oil stains

Oil stains (we look around, pizza fat) can ruin clothes. Eliminate unsightly oil stains by sprinkling baby powder directly on the affected area and leave it on overnight.


If you don't have time to break out the ironing board (or don't have an iron), try smoothing out wrinkles with your iron instead. This trick is also great for travel when you have limited space in your pocket.


Place your garment on a flat surface. It is much easier to scrub the splashes against a flat surface than to hold them in your hands.

Apply a generous splash of hand disinfectant to an old toothbrush and add the hand disinfectant to the paint splashes. Scrub the stains with small, circular motions and the blobs of paint will eventually dissolve. Don't be afraid to add more if necessary.

Add more hand sanitizers to your toothbrush as needed. It may take a while for the paint to come out, but you want to make sure the paint is completely removed before proceeding. You can also add some cleaning alcohol for particularly stubborn colors. The two together seem to be particularly effective. Remember … this process needs some elbow grease.


Dawn dish soap

hydrogen peroxide

baking soda

Scrub brush or toothbrush


1 part of Dawn dish soap

2 parts hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Stir to combine.

Apply the soap-peroxide mixture to the stains and sprinkle with baking soda. Don't combine Dawn, Peroxide and Baking Soda. Use the baking soda sprinkled over it.

Use a laundry brush or an old toothbrush to process dawn, peroxide and baking soda into the textile fibers. Clean an area slightly larger than the actual stain so you don't miss anything.

Leave the clothes to rest for at least an hour after scrubbing, and then wash them as normal.


2 parts hydrogen peroxide

1 part of Dawn Original or Ultra dishwasher detergent

Mix in an opaque * squeeze bottle and keep in the laundry room. Shake before use. Saturate the stain with it, leave it on for about 15 minutes to remove the stain, and then wash it as you normally would. You can find cheap wash bottles in the $$$ Store.

Always make sure that a stain or stain is removed before loading the dryer. Heat stains.

* The bottle must be opaque, as light destroys hydrogen peroxide and converts it to clear water.


Not everyone wants to make their own laundry items, no matter how natural they are. Often you just want to have something on the shelf in an emergency.

Here are two spotters that I can highly recommend.

ZOUT ™ stain remover, Good for most stains. Find it in groceries, big boxes, home goods stores, Amazon etc.

De-Solv-It laundry saver, These are the really big rifles. Works very well with old stains, even from the dryer. If you think it's ruined, try before throwing it away. Find stores at home, Big Box, Amazon.

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