four methods to guard your youngsters from falling on the steps

A fall down the stairs can result in bruising, broken bones and a visit to the hospital. It becomes especially bad for children when they fall down the stairs for really silly reasons. Aside from the pain they experience after falling, some children also develop some kind of fear of stairs. You can make your stairs safer by following these very simple tips.

According to a report, falls are a major cause of teething problems aged 1-14 years.

Adequate lighting

Make sure your stairs are well lit. If there is a landing, consider installing a light bulb there. Many homeowners consider stair lighting to be a low priority area. They install low-power lamps in this area because they assume that the staircase consumption is lower. Nothing can be further from this truth. If you have children nearby, you can expect them to climb or descend the stairs frequently. Speaking of lighting: you may also want to place a switch – a light bulb switch – within the reach of the children. Once you've installed this switch, tell your kids where it is and how to use it. This topic is not over yet. If a light bulb burns out, replace it immediately. Don't wait for an accident. Contact leading wire and light bulb manufacturers such as Tripsave Cable Covers for the best professional advice.

Keep the stairs lit all night

If your children have their own bedroom on the ground floor and the bathroom is upstairs, you should light your stairs all night. You never know when your kids will get up and go to the bathroom at night. You could even use your kitchen at night. Young children who study all night often have to go to the kitchen to feed themselves.

4 ways to protect your children from tripping on the stairs - children on stairs


Your stairs should have handrails. It's a stupid idea not to have handrails, but we suggest something else. Your handrails should be easily accessible for your children. When they're small, your kids should be able to easily grip the rails. Do not attach the handrails the way you want them. Imagine your children first and then start designing your stairs.

No loose wires

After all, your kids won't fall at all if there are no loose wires on the stairs. Simply remove them after you have completed your maintenance or construction work. You may want to make a checklist before you start servicing your home. Removing any loose wires should be high on your agenda. There is one more piece of advice we would like to give you. Place a baby gate on both ends of your stairs. This little gate prevents your little one from entering the staircase area. If she comes in and falls down, she'll hold the bay gate down. Imagine a baby gate made of soft material to reduce the impact.

There are several measures you can take to alleviate your child's fall. Always have first aid equipment in your home. It must contain an antiseptic, a bandage and a plastic band. Second, you should have a doctor's cell phone number in your device. If the situation worsens, you should take your child to the nearest doctor. Now that we have a list of tips to avoid falling stairs, let's follow some of these tips. This would make our children live happier and less stressful lives.

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