Tips on how to unlock a sink

After a long day at work, you come home and are ready to have a soothing meal and put your feet up. However, when you come into the kitchen, something is wrong – an extremely unpleasant smell comes from the sink. You have decided to keep the tap running for a while and it will take a few minutes for the water to drain. There is also a strange gurgling. We fear that you have a clogged sink.

We know this is the last thing you wanted to worry about when you got home, but you need to do something about it. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to address this issue.

  1. Get the plunger out.

Guess what? This is the perfect moment to use this flask that you thought would have been thrown away a few times because you hadn't used it since you bought it. Shovel it out of your equipment room and get to work.

Place the plunger over the drain hole in your sink and cover with water for an airtight seal. Grasp the handle with both hands and pump it up and down – this sucks the air out of the tube and pushes it back in. Fill up the sink and if it runs fast you know that the blockage is clear!

If you don't have a plunger and it's too late to buy one at your nearest store, read the tips below.

  1. Blow it up with water.

A high pressure water jet can potentially push out anything that blocks the sink. Just take a 2 liter bottle and fill it with warm water. Tilt it over and insert the open end into the hole. At the same time, squeeze the bottle quickly to squeeze the water out of the bottle as quickly as possible.

  1. Use a drain cleaner.

If the plunger and water pressure do not work, it can mean that the blockage is tight and greasy. This means that you need something to break it down.

There are many chemical drain cleaners that work wonders. However, if you don't have one at home or don't have time to go outside to buy one, you may need to use some items that you can find in your kitchen cupboard.

Add two teaspoons of baking soda to a cup of white vinegar, then pour the mixture over the hole. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse the constipation with a little hot water.

Pour some bleach through the hole at bedtime at night and then rinse it out with hot water in the morning.

  1. Remove the blockage by hand.

Be aware that you need to get your hands dirty for this plus, a hard stomach will definitely help. If you are not satisfied with this work, call the squad 0800-0 12 12 12 and we're there in no time.

If none of the above methods worked, you'll need to dip into your kitchen cabinet and tear off the sink's U-bend to remove it by hand.

First put on a pair of rubber gloves and put a couple of old towels and a bucket under the U-bend.

Then use a wrench to slowly unscrew the threaded caps from each side of the U-bend.

Bring the U-arch and all disassembled parts to another sink or faucet. Clean them thoroughly. A wire hanger can also help clean the inside of the pipe.

Finally, reattach the U-bend and run the tap to make sure everything you have just assembled is watertight.

Do you still have a clogged sink? Maybe it's time to call a specialist. Our installers in London are experts in unlocking all fixtures, from unlocking pools to unlocking bathrooms to unlocking showers and sinks. Call today 0800-0 12 12 12 or request a free quote by filling out our online form.

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