Suggestions for optimizing area in your kitchen

There are many different items in the kitchen that need to be kept and tidied up when not in use. This area of ​​your home is certainly not the place where you want to be filled with clutter and loose items as this can be very dangerous. There are many ways to optimize the space in your kitchen and make it clearer and tidier.

Go big or go home.

If you don't want to work with the space you have, but want to do a complete kitchen renovation, our team can give you an extra pair of hands. Our team can install new kitchen units, lay new floors and even redesign the entire area.

Less is more.

Did you stack and store kitchen gadgets that you only used once? The thought "I could use it again someday" doesn't make you want to get rid of whatever that is. However, let's face it, you will never use it again and it just wastes valuable space in your kitchen. It is time to delete the data.

Interference suppression may sound daunting, but it's actually not as bad as it sounds. There are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your kitchen:

  • Remove unused kitchen utensils. These can be given to charities or even sold for a quick buck (if still in good condition and working).
  • Throw away expired food.
  • If you have drawers with cooking magazines, it may be time to pick your favorite recipes and put them in a folder.

Share and conquer.

After searching your closet and drawers, you can sort out the items you want to keep. Then you can start thinking about how to save them. Drawer dividers and cutlery boxes are very practical when organizing drawers. They will keep you from rummaging around in a drawer full of knives to find your teaspoon.

Do it personally.

Finished kitchen furniture may not fit your room exactly as you dreamed of. Custom-made furniture will do the trick. Of course, bespoke furniture can be more expensive, but it will help you get the most out of your space. Our carpenters in London are able to create bespoke shelves to help you – optimize space.

Shelves are great pieces of furniture that you can keep in your kitchen. They take up less space than cupboards and are perfect for presenting your favorite kitchen utensils and appliances. You can also put various other items on your shelves, e.g. B. Spices and spices that you can easily reach when you cook your world-famous paella.

Size doesn't matter.

Small kitchens can be decorated to appear larger than they actually are. The color matching and the use of light and neutral colors help to enlarge the space, to make it appear larger and to make it appear brighter and thus more orderly. Perhaps you have doubts about your painting skills or just don't want to get your hands dirty with paint? Our London painters are ready to help.

Let there be light.

Keep your windows clear of clutter to ensure that as much light as possible comes into the room. The lack of tangled cables creates additional space optically and the additional light ensures good lighting for your kitchen and ensures a tidier appearance. If your kitchen does not have many windows, the installation of additional lamps or other types of lighting can be of enormous help. If you need a specialist to do the job, call our electricians in London today.

Our team can help you with many tasks around the house or office. Request a free quote via our online booking form or call our friendly team 0800-0 12 12 12 and let us know how we can help.

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