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SHOE and BOOTS FAST HACKS – As seen on 3TV / Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday November 11th, 2019 (8:40 am)

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Grab furniture polish and a soft cloth. Spray a little polish on the cloth, work it in well and then polish it. It also adds a little protective coating to the shoe.

Baby wipes are another great way to quickly clean dirty shoes. Keep some in your desk drawer for this little shoe oops!

Have you used lip balms in half? Don't throw them away. Apply something to your leather shoes, rub them with a soft cloth, polish them with a rag or paper towel.

PATENT LEATHER NEED CLEANING? Simply dip a cloth or paper towel in a little petroleum jelly and rub the shoe. Buff and you're done!


Use a fine nail file to lightly rub stains on suede. You can also wring a cloth in white vinegar and rub it over the area. Reset the suede with a dry cloth.

Grease stains on suede can be absorbed with corn starch or talcum powder. Let it sit overnight and then brush it off.


If you rub lambskin on yourself, you can remove dirt and stains. Uggs also makes a quality spray that you can use.


Clean the shoes with a damp cloth or wash dirty shoes. In order for the wax to settle properly, you should start with a clean surface. Quick wiping with a damp cloth will help remove dust and light residue. Older couples who have had a lot of action may need to be sent through the washer and dryer before waxing

If you grow the shoes without cleaning them beforehand, dirt remains that will stick to them. And since they are waterproof, it can be difficult to clean them afterwards.

Make sure the shoes are completely dry before proceeding. If you expect bad weather, washing old shoes a few days before you plan to wear them may be a good idea.

Test the wax on an inconspicuous area of ​​the shoe. Before you start rubbing, make a small mark on the heel or side of the shoe near the outsole and see what it looks like. This way you can make sure that there are no stains. Remember that much of the contrast is removed after the wax melts.

A colorless or off-white wax is the least noticeable and blends seamlessly into the materials and colors.

If you use colored wax, make sure that it matches the color of the shoe as closely as possible.

Rub the outside of the shoe with wax. Rub the wax vigorously back and forth to form a thick layer over each part of the shoe that you want to protect against moisture. Imagine painting with a crayon. Pay special attention to the areas around the toe, heel, side walls and laces where water can penetrate.

Make sure you have coated the entire shoe. Any spots you missed are prone to leaks.

When the wax builds up, there is visible discoloration. Don't worry – this will disappear as soon as you start heating with the hair dryer.

Put the hair dryer on high heat. Turn on the hair dryer so that it warms up before you blow up your shoes. The more intense the temperature, the faster and more completely the wax melts

Hold the nozzle close to the surface of the shoe so that the heat is better concentrated.

Continue heating until the wax disappears. During the liquefaction process, the wax is integrated into the fabric, which closes the tiny openings and creates a barrier against moisture. It then hardens again as a clear protective layer. The finished shoe should look no different than before waxing.

Carefully look for unmelted areas that you may have missed before putting the hair dryer away.

Wax is naturally water-repellent and does not penetrate even the most porous materials, so the shoes are not damaged.

Test the seal. Now all you have to do is see how well it worked. Pour a cup of water over the toe area of ​​the shoe. The water should bubble and roll off. Congratulation!

If the water is absorbed, you may need to apply a second and more thorough layer of wax. Wait for the shoes to dry before adding more wax.


Grab a feminine hygiene product. A panty liner works wonders when placed under your shoes or boots. Stick to the floor and remove after each wear. Sweat is absorbed and your shoes stay fresh and clean.

Rub in alcohol

Pour some alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray the alcohol in every stinky shoe – only a few sprays are enough. Allow to dry completely before wearing.

Queen of Clean What stinks ?! ™

I like this product because it contains enzymes that completely and safely remove the protein in the sweat. They simply spray, let dry and carry.


Always keep them upright. You can use cardboard tubes or cut pool noodles to keep them upright.

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