Two Australian icons come collectively for a candy reward chosen by Coles patrons

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January 22, 2020

The Australians will have even more reason to be happy about hot rolls as Coles brings out a new flavor inspired by one of the nation's most popular cakes – the Lamington.

The mash-up of the legendary Australian delicacy and the humble hot bun follows a customer survey in which 54 percent of the customers surveyed said they would like to eat a Lamington-flavored bun.

Using the unique flavor profile of Australian Lamington, the limited Coles Lamington Hot Cross Buns are made from chocolate peppered with milk chocolate chips, roasted, shaved coconut pieces and soft raspberry jellies.

Best roasted and marinated in butter, Coles customers can try the exciting new twist on an Australian classic that is now available in more than 700 stores across the country.

Since the launch of Hot Cross Buns on Christmas Day 2, more than 11 million Hot Cross Buns have been sold nationwide in the Coles stores, suggesting that Australians cannot get the Easter treat early enough.

Freddie Hancock, Senior Category Manager at Coles, said that customers get more and more open to new flavors if they do it right.

"We know that Australians love traditional products that have a nostalgic but modern twist – and we believe we have a winner here with our new Lamington Hot Cross Buns just in time for Australia Day," he said.

“We are always interested in customer feedback to decide on new product launches, and it is important that we have fun with flavors and shake up the hot bun market to offer customers something they never had before, but ultimately must it tastes good.

"We spent months tweaking the recipe to make sure we had the perfect flavor profile of a Lamington in a hot bun with its traditional combination of chocolate, coconut and raspberry."

Source: AAP Medianet

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