eight particular methods to have a good time Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be incredibly stressful – whether you're in a new relationship or celebrating your 50th anniversary, finding a gift can feel almost impossible if the love between you and your partner feels enough as a gift!

Regardless of how long you've been excited about Valentine's Day, it's paramount that you make February 14 something special. While you don't want to settle for something tired, like a fancy Italian dinner or a night on the couch with Netflix, you don't want to settle for anything. Make this Valentine's Day special by looking outside the box. We are here to help you find something smarter and more unique than all Valentine's Day before, so that the day of love feels extraordinary.

1. Plan a stay

Travel can be a problem with all of the logistics and planning required for a smooth and almost effortless journey. Keep the stress in the bud by opting for a romantic stay instead. A stay in your wallet is the ultimate way to spend time on Valentine's Day without taking a flight or packing your bags. Order some Valentine's Day gifts to sweeten your stay at home.

2. Take a cooking class

Why go out for dinner when you can make your own? Cooking classes are fun and collaborative ways to create something delicious with the one you love. They'll both acquire a new skill or two and eat a tasty meal once the hard work is done.

3. Put on your dance shoes

When was the last time you let go? Even if you were born with two left feet, there are some things that feel like falling on the dance floor. Get excited with your partner and dance the night away at a local club or sign up for a dance class.

4. Learn how to skate

While it can be difficult to enjoy outdoor activities in the depths of winter, ice skating is one of the few cold dates that upset the park. Whether you're skating safely on the ice rink or clinging to your partner as you learn to balance, ice skating is a great way to be close and cozy in an outdoor setting.

5. Spend a night in the museum

Museums are a great way to open your mind and heart to new and old ideas and arts. There are a number of popular museums that offer Valentine's Day specials after dark, livening up the room with live music, free champagne, and even dancing. Don't forget to visit your local museums in advance if you need to reserve a space for yourself and your loved ones.

6. Hit the spa

Who doesn't love a wellness day? You only need a certain amount of time to rest, relax and rejuvenate, to feel refreshed for the day, the week or the coming month. Spa days for couples can also be very romantic – check out the massages, facials, and float sessions for couples to enjoy all this hot free time with your loved one.

7. Lie down in a hotel

There is something about hotels that gives you the feeling of living in luxury. Perhaps it's the flawless white, cozy sheets, room service, or the many amenities that make you feel like a celebrity – whatever it is – that make you and your sweetheart feel like they are on Valentine's Day.

8. Prick out your adrenaline in an amusement park

Are you looking for a Valentine's Day appointment that is a little less conventional? Going to your local amusement park to get the adrenaline rush you're looking for is a great way to have fun with your Valentine. Whether you're a roller coaster junkie or love winning giant stuffed animals at the arcades, you're guaranteed to have loads of fun if you spend your day in a place where fun is paramount.

There are so many special ways to start Love Day. Whether it's a quiet day you spend with your sweetheart or a day of fun and adventure – make this V-Day one of the best ever!

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